Let us have a different scenic view from over the property!

The aerial concept is not new, but it is a creative and attractive factor in the stream of the photography landscape. Basically, it implies the meaning as “taken from the sky”. And, when it is attached to the real estate, then no doubt, the worth of your property will increase dramatically.

Generally, the aerial view is captured from the rooftop of a high-reaching building, an airplane, a surveillance tower, or a hot air balloon. Indeed, it is an art that is not easily understood by every person. A well-experienced and competent person, who know the precise know-how about the aerial real estate photography, will execute it efficiently. If you intend to buy your property, then the aerial snapshots will enhance the value.

What will Property Aerial Photography Cover?

The real estate aerial photography encloses some of the significant terminologies and the views.

  • Covers the area around the property
  • Showcases the terrace extensively
  • Displays the Fine Edges of the Windows and the Doors
  • Reveals the Architecture Details
  • Can include the pool and/or the spectacular view
  • May incorporate the yard, like- the golf court, the tennis court, etc.
  • Features the view of the back side, if it is near the water body.

Suppose your property has the heart-throb exterior with the pet house and the beautiful landscape. Imagine how aesthetically it will look from the sky!

Key Factors about Real Estate Aerial Photography

What is the best time to take the aerial view?

This query may create the little bit chaos. Generally, the dawn and the evening times are chosen. They are the times when the sun bids Hi and Bye to the world. The colors and the hues are the most appealing. Moreover, the longer shadows will create the lasting effect and the depth to the photographs.

Which type of equipment is best suited?

Before making the choice for the equipment, it is quite necessary to decide how the photos will be used. Either, it is for the magazine or in the newspaper. Make it clear earlier. Then, pick the right instrument. If you are meant to execute the HDR real estate photography, then choose accordingly.

What about the Drones?

Drones are the exciting and the compelling elements of the latest technology for the real estate campaign. The drone real estate photography is the favorable way to inspect the roof and other parts of the house. Actually, the drones are embedded with the high-resolution camera that can take the brilliant photos and the videos. But, remember, the drones can be used with respect to the certain terms and conditions.

It will be very beneficial for you if the buyer will agree for your land by viewing the aerial photos or the videos. Therefore, it is recommended to accomplish the aerial photo shoot or the session by the professional photographer.

Source by Brian Gibson