Ben 10 Battle Ready is an online Ben 10 game which can be played free. The game is about the cousin of Ben 10 named Gwen and his grandpa Max. They have sent Ben 10 to an abandoned factory (well actually a sumo slammer card factory). They asked Ben to do some training because he has found new super powers. But in the meantime these simple exercises turn into something else! There is a lot of fire when the evil enemy called Vilgax has detected a signal from his watch the omnitrix. Therefor he sends his robot drones to the factory, trying to retrieve the omnitrix at any cost! Ben stops the training so he can be the super hero and defeat the robot.

In Ben 10 Battle Ready you must locate the mission markers, they are scattered around the warehouse. If you master all 10 of Ben's aliens (every level a different alien) then you will reach the end were you have to beat Vilgax's ultimate robots.

The controls are easy to remember, you can move Ben with the arrow keys. You can transform Ben 10 with the X button, various creatures can be chosen. Let Ben ten attack using the space bar, that way you can fight the enemies. Collect extra energy (the green balls you will find), that way you can increase the health of ben. There are also Sumo slammer cards, collect them to complete the levels.

There are 10 super heroes on the watch of Ben 10 (it has super powers), Ben 10 is ready to walk into the factory to complete the missions, are you ready too? If you are ready go ahead and play Ben 10 Battle Ready, this is one of the best Ben 10 games.

Source by Michael Kamer