I know film makers are out there looking for the best Jib cranes you can get for the money. You want something that is quality and as high as you can go. Well my film company uses a 6 foot jib and a camera drone because when you have a drone, well there's really no need to go higher than 4 or 6 feet. So here are the camera Jib cranes I recommend for Indy film makers.

First I would go with the Indy jib 12 feet camera crane deluxe production package w/ 1080 HDMI monitor. It comes with everything you need excluding the camera to get started. I like it because it goes high and it comes with an HD monitor so it's quite easy to see your shots before you go to the editing stage of your project. It comes with the tripod and all, which is great considering that most jib cranes only come with the arm, which means that unless you know you have a sturdy tripod, you may end up buying one to support the weight of your new Jib.

The second one I recommend is the ePhoto Inc portable jib crane arm for DSLR cameras. I think this one is great because it's easy to transport. It extends to 4 ft which is really quite sufficient when it comes to film making. If you want to go higher than that, a drone would be better in my opinion. This is the perfect drone for film makers who want to boost their production value for a lower price.

Third choice would be Xsories Mini Crane because it weighs only 3.3 pounds because of its 100% Carbon fiber construction. It supports cameras that are up to 12 lbs. It's for DSLRs and video cameras. This is a great camera for the beginning film maker who does not want to upgrade your camera or wedding video producers when you want to get that perfect shot.

The last one is for the more seasoned film maker who has the funding to do almost anything with his film making ventures. The magnificent telescopic jib crane is the most glorious of the 4. It's more expensive but it is definitely a winner because it is a quality made jib that extends all the way up to 22 ft and lets down to 4 ft. With this jib, you get all the above jibs in one because it's adjustable. If you have a few thousand dollars to spare this is the one you should consider.

All of the above camera jib cranes are great but you should really consider your need for the shots and the type of shots in your film as well as price. I believe that you can't go wrong with either one you decide in terms of quality.

Source by Trete Lo