If your children still have soft toys to play with, you might be aware of how easy it is for the eyes to come off, even when you buy toys from leading manufacturers. If your children play with their toys in a rough fashion, the eyes may end up falling off after a while. If your children like to chew on their toys, the plastic eye pieces can end up looking all chewed up. Unfortunately, this can leave your toys looking blind, and it can be very difficult to replace them, especially if the ‘eye' got damaged when it came off, or if it was damaged in any other way. However, you don't need to throw away your child's favourite toy if this happens, because it is possible to fix the toy with wholesale buttons.

It is recommended that you only replace the eyes of your child's toy if they have already passed the stage where they like to chew on parts of their toys. Unfortunately, the buttons that you sew on will not be sewn on in a completely childproof way, and you do not want them to accidentally swallow anything. In fact, some parents go so far as to take the eyes off of their toy when the children are very young, and then replace them with buttons when they get a little bit older. This is to protect their children from the risks which are associated with swallowing none food items.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that all of the pieces of the old eye have been completely removed from the toy. If the previous eye was cracked or damaged in any way, sharp bits can remain hidden within the fur or the stuffing of the toy, so squeeze gently around the toy's eye socket to feel if there are any hidden pieces. These can them be removed properly.

Next, find two large, wholesale buttons, which will be suitable for your toy. Wholesale buttons are available in a lot of different colors and shapes, so you can chose a pair of buttons which match the personality of your toy. Although black round ones are used most often, it can depend what you want your toy to look like. If your toy is very colorful or had colorful eyes before, it may look great to put on colorful eyes. However it is normally best to choose a button with four holes, as these are the easiest ones to sew on securely.

The best way to sew on your wholesale buttons is to use a cross stitch pattern, where the stitches end up looking like an x shape. Whilst this is one of the most secure ways to affix the buttons, it is also a great way to give more expression to the toy. For a really “twinkle eyed” look, you can use thread which is a contrasting color to the color of the button. if you want to, you can even use shiny thread.


Source by Ador Talukdar