You have just gone through one of the worst experiences in your life. You just broke up with your partner. Now what? Do you get advice from friends? Or should you listen to experts? Do you read all those advice columns, which advice doesn't really seem to work?

In times like this, the best thing to do is opposite of what the heart wants you to do. So maybe listening to the experts drone on and on is not really what you should do. Your heart at this point is irrational. It is not in the correct ‘frame of mind'. But there is one advantage. You can actually turn this entire disadvantage to work in your favour.

One thing I can share with you is how writing a simple second chance letter or a get back together letter, you can get your ex back into your life. Though it sounds too good to be true, and you've probably never written a letter in your life, writing the perfect get back together letter does have its merits and can help you out.

First of all, take note that this handwritten second chance letter can be more powerful than any calls, text, instant messaging or emailing. Remember this is a handwritten note, thus immediately your sincerity and effort will show through. This shows you are serious about getting back with your ex together again. Even if your handwriting is not that great, what matters are the content and your honourable intentions. If you use the letter correctly, you may be able to get that second chance that you need.

To write the perfect get back together letter, you need to be direct. The letter should be short and straight to the point. No begging and no blaming. You should acknowledge the break up and respect your ex's decision. Now what you want is to be given a second chance. This letter should also act as an opener to your ex's heart and mind. One your ex accepts this letter you can consider your battle half won.

The best time for you to send this get back together letter is after the first few days of your break up. Yes, that means before you attempt any desperate measures like flooding her inbox with incessant emails, calling her 50 times a day or chaining yourself to her door. Caution, this letter should not be used if you're trying to get back together with an old flame, as receiving a letter after not speaking to you for 5 years will be weird for your old flame.

The beauty of this second chance letter is that you're actually showing your ex that you're okay. Of course some experts will not recommend this. But think about it, if your ex thinks that you are being rationale and clear-headed and not some desperate individual, they will be more likely to think about you as the person that they had a great relationship with, instead of that person whom they just left. When they too are in a calmer state of mind, they too will be more likely to reflect on your relationship, and to think of your good qualities. Now isn't that a great way to rekindle your relationship?

Source by May Lehmann