The Game of Monopoly sees its 75th anniversary and to celebrate it Hasbro have given it a makeover and given it the new name of Monopoly Revolution. Although the basic game play keeps to the traditional rules that we have all come to know and love there have been a few modern twists and turns added to reflect today's modern society. Destined to once again be one of the top Christmas toys this year, let's look at what this Monopoly revolution is all about.

If it ‘aint broke don't fix it! For as many years as I care to remember Monopoly has been the family favourite property trading game and has kept a very traditional look to it. It comprised of a very simple set of rules and all based around a roll of the dice and a little shrewd wheeling and dealing to buy the best properties. There have been quite a few updates over the last few years to introduce Monopoly to people who may not have otherwise thought of playing the game. For instance there is a Spiderman version with instead of the usual metal player pieces in the shape of the little dog, the iron and the car they are little models of Spiderman and his enemy's. Even the Simpson's have gotten involved with the Monopoly legacy!

The Monopoly for kids version keeps the game play shorter and much simpler for children to follow. But this year sees a much more drastic makeover in the guise of Monopoly Revolution. As the name suggests it sees a new shaped board. Instead of the more recognisable square game board it now has a circular playing area.

To reflect a property market that has changed drastically over the last 75 years even the prices for the properties have been given a more realistic look. The big properties that we always try to get to first, that can easily win the game once covered in hotels such as Mayfair which normally cost a meagre £400 is now a whopping 4 million! Even the lame duck that no one ever really wanted, Old Kent Road now costs £600,000!

Keeping track of the millions that will be changing hands and serving as the banker, dice and sound effects and music player is a gaming pod device. So no more messing around with paper money, it is all registered electronically. One of my favourite sounds effects are when you go to jail you get to hear the jail door slam shut! While there are lots of other minor tweaks to the original game of Monopoly to bring it right up to date, you still have the same core needs of being able to negotiate and deal well in order to win the game.

Monopoly Revolution may not be for purists of the traditional version of the game. But if you like the idea of a game with a modern twist that reflects more realistic property values then Hasbro's Monopoly Revolutions should definitely be on your top Christmas toys list this year for gifts to buy.


Source by Nik Stephenson