When I first saw JJRC H31, its super anti-wrestling ability surprised me. As for the beginners, it is very easy to make your drones fall on the ground because of unskilled operating. As a result, this new RC drone is very suitable for novices. Except for that, it has other excellent features. Let me show you more about it next.

Appearance Design

It is a 6-axis-gyros RC drone with 4 channels so that it has the ability to complete stable flying and it is easy to control. With a perfect arc design, it has the great performance to maintain balance even at high altitudes. Normally, it supports the flight skills of ascending, descending, forward, backward, left sideward flying, right sideward flying and 360 degrees rolling.

Additionally, it has a size of 31 x 31 x 7.2cm and it offers you two colors options, including green and white. Made of ABS and PS materials, it has a super strong structure, which ensures the safe flight.


Exactly, the prominent feature of JJRC H31 is the super anti-wrestling ability. Depending on the strong structure, it will be intact even it falls from the high altitudes when it is out of control. Besides, it has not been affected when impacted at high-speed flying. If you like, you even can trample it on the ground. You do not have to worry about it because this completely damage will not bring it any effect. Very strong structure it has!

Another feature I appreciate is the waterproof ability. This is very useful when you fly it near waters. If the RC drone immerses into the water and socks for a few minutes, it is unnecessary for you to do any treatment. When it is full of water, it even can complete 360 degrees rolling.

Additionally, JJRC H31 supports headless mode. Although this feature is normal for RC quads, thanks to the special appearance design, it is able to complete the pattern rotating action. And this has another benefit of flying in any direction you like.

Battery & Charging

It is powered by a 3.7V 400mAh battery that needs 60 minutes charging time. And it allows you to do about 8 to 10 minutes flying.


JJRC H31 is an excellent RC Quadcopter with anti-wrestling ability, waterproof function and strong structure. I think it is ideal for the beginners. The only missing thing is that it does not support long time flight. If you like it, you could have a try!

Source by Lucy Yang