The Lightning McQueen Power Wheels is a small car specifically designed for kids and modeled from the famous character Lightning McQueen that makes a great gift for children 2½ years old and up. These Power Wheels run at speeds slow enough to pacify worried parents yet fast enough to elicit delighted squeals from children. The rides have buttons on the steering wheel that play popular phrases from the movie when pressed. Another button will emit race car sounds that will make your child feel as if he is really speeding on the tracks.

Great Features

The design is made easy to comprehend. Most children learn the car's ropes after 30 minutes of fiddling on the wheel. Parents can lock the speed and control the pace of their kid's driving. The Fisher-Price version can go as fast as 5 miles per hour when the speed lock is disengaged. However if you are uncomfortable with this speed set it at 2 to 2.5 miles an hour. The locks are child-proof so you don't have to worry about them racing off without your permission.

You can also upgrade the car's battery from 6v to 12v to 24v. This also affects the speed of the car. The car can go faster as the battery voltage goes higher. You can make these adjustments as your child gets older and as they learn to maneuver more skillfully. It's advisable to go with more expensive brands if you want the car to last and to grow with your kids.

If you think your child is ready for a 24v battery make sure to add some fans to avoid the car from overheating. You can make it a gift from the entire family if you think the price is too steep. This is certainly a ride on toy worth having even if your child isn't a big Lightning McQueen fan.

Advantages of Cars

Learning how to manipulate the miniature car teaches your kids about the importance of care and attention to the environment around them. It teaches them motor skills and stimulates their mental development. Giving them a car also teaches them the joys and responsibilities of ownership.

Playing with trains, cars and trucks develop their ability to navigate and take directions. You can help by giving them simple jobs to complete, like hauling stuff around in their car and transporting them to another place. This also stimulates their imagination and creativity as they pretend to be race car drivers or as they drive around the neighborhood streets. Enabling them to learn how to drive their car gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Racing cars with other children also develops their ability to socially interact with kids of their age. This is an important skill to develop as your children grow. Making them outgoing and friendly will open many doors to their development. Maneuvering a car also builds their vocabulary. You can instruct them to go forward, backward, slow or fast and you tell him the meaning of various road signs. These are activities that stimulate his mind and widen his understanding of the world. And these are just a few of the reasons that the Lightning McQueen Power Wheels are so much fun.


Source by T Traver