Imagine you are the overall in charge of several manufacturing plants that are located at different parts of the world. To manage the operations effectively, you might have to travel to these plants frequently to keep tab on them. You can install electronic eyes all over the manufacturing plant but one might miss out some areas. Plus, it is costly to install electronic eyes especially if you want to maximize coverage.

Imagine expanding your company to a foreign market. You will have to set up an office over there, and to keep tab on the office staff there, you can:

1) travel there to hold meetings (Travelling is a huge expense);

2) hold tele-meetings with the staffs there (Tele-meeting has a lack of personal touch).

The cost effective solution to all these problem is? Set up a robot at each of these locations to represent you! You can control these drones from your main office, directing them to go wherever you want them to go (Within the plant or office). Check up on the operations, and on the spot, converse with the office staff or workers.

This may sound like a dream but it isn't. It has been developed by a company named Anybots and they are still improving on their models.

The manager who wants to keep himself on the ball, would love this robotic technology. If the price and maintenance cost of this machine is right, it might just be sensible to implement such technology for your company. It may just be the solution to controlling all those travelling expenses.

From a managerial point of view, it is great if the price is right. From a worker's point of view, it can be kind of strange. Imagine you sitting in your cubicle and working, suddenly a robot passes you with a video showing your boss's face. Weird feeling… Anyway, anything is possible.


Source by Zeng Han Jun