The new Transformers movie –Dark of the Moon, has propelled these transforming action figure toys onto the “Top Toys for Boys” Christmas lists for 2011, and it also introduced a lot of new characters for the kids to add to their collection. With so many toy choices available, your gift shopping will be easier if you know which of the Transformers characters are the hottest selling, and the ones most-wanted by Transformers-kids everywhere. These three are currently the top sellers at Toys r' Us and

#1 – Optimus Prime Transformers Figure

The leader of the MechTech Voyager-class defenders of Earth – Optimus Prime is the most asked-for Transformers toy, and is also the one with the most available variations. The standard 10-inch model that converts to, and from a colorful semi-rig truck tractor is the top selling model, but he also comes in sizes ranging up to the 22-inch electronic Ultimate Optimus Prime, and sets that include an Optimus trailer that converts into his Omega combat armor – making an awesome combination ready to roar into battle wherever the Decepticons strike.

#2 – Bumble Bee Transformers Figure

Transforming from a cool bumble-bee yellow Camaro with broad black racing stripes, the Bumble Bee Transformer hits all the hot-buttons of young boys. First, its powerful racy look draws them in, then the combination of its awesome fire-power and never-quit attitude, (from the movie), seals the deal. What young boy hasn't imagine himself as the hero that fights hard, gets knocked down, and then rises again to save the day. Due to his long history protecting Earth and perfecting his fighting abilities, he is considered the most able-fighting Autobot in the series, and he is also available as the Battle-Ops Bumble Bee – with sounds that include revving engine sounds and different battle phrases that can be unlocked as he wins against Decepticon opponents. This Battle-Ops version includes new weapons and fighting abilities that improve his performance against the Decepticon enemies. This Transformers action figure has raced from zooming around the scenes of the movie to the second* most popular Transformers action figure.

#3 – Megatron, Decepticon Leader Transformers Figure

Every Hero has to have a villain, and Megatron is the ultimate foe. As leader of the Decepticons, Megatron is the arch-nemesis of both Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. This Transformers toy converts into a military-looking Mack truck and trailer rig, and his blaster cannon also converts into a more powerful fusion cannon. You don't have to see the movie to imagine the fierce battle scenes boys will come up with as two semi-rigs, (Optimus and Megatron), go head-to-head in the fight for Earth.

Although these are the top Transformers toy choices, there are a lot more figures and accessories available for your Transformers-kid's collection.

Source by GA Anderson