If you are a gamer of any type, you are always looking for something to give you a fighting edge. Be it a faster video card, bigger monitor, new mouse, or in the case of this article, a programmable, LCD Gaming Keyboard.

Keyboards often get over looked as an essential piece gaming equipment, mostly because it's the last thing people think of when in the heat of battle or when planning a strategy.

What makes Gaming Keyboards Essential

The most important thing in gaming, no matter the genre of game is to be able to get the information you need, when you need it. Whether that's your characters health score, the ammo they're carrying, the performance of your system, your connection data, ping rate, even how many slots you may have left in your inventory.

These are the little things that can make the difference between surviving a fight, and being forced to start over. Since not all of that information can be displayed on the in-game display, it can be cumbersome and sometimes difficult to retrieve at a moment's notice. However, with the innovation of the addition of a LCD screen built into the keyboard, you can access the needed information much faster, and therefore retain the fighting edge for longer.

Some elements that also would give you a fighting edge are:

  • Programmability – or an ability to create custom macro's and keyboard ‘hotkey's.
  • Gaming Profiles for each game or user, the ability to have a custom key-map loaded as the game loads, without having to reprogram for each new game is a huge timesaver, and creates a sense of consistency from game to game.
  • Media Controls – Allowing you to adjust the volume level of the audio, or Start / Stop or Pause a video or audio track.
  • System Performance – If not for game data, you can monitor the performance of your system while otherwise engaged in multiple actions as once. Find what programs or settings cause your system to slow down, by how much, and if any other applications are running without your knowledge.

Finding the best price on a gaming keyboard

When all is said and done, if you are looking for PC Gaming Keyboard, you can usually find the best price if you know where to look.

Using a site or blog that finds the best deals for you will stop the frustrations of spending hours surfing from store to store for yourself.


Source by Travis Tango