John Maxwell's 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is one of my all-time favorites and considered to be one of the best leadership books ever written. In short, this bestseller packs a punch. The author, a leadership guru and pastor, has impacted thousands of leaders around the world. His message benefits anyone who has influence over others. This article discusses nine of the benefits.

9 Benefits

  • Foundational

First and foremost, the 21 laws provide a solid foundation in leadership basics. The laws aren't technical tongue twisters. Maxwell devised names you can pronounce and remember because they make sense.

  • Relevant

Second, the book is relevant. It appeals to leaders in different settings and levels. Parents, CEO's, new supervisors, vice presidents, non-profit managers, school administrators, or anyone in a leadership role will gain invaluable wisdom.

  • Leadership Stories

Third, Maxwell presents interesting leadership stories to illustrate his points. They cover some well-known organizations as well as some that are not. Moreover, he uses stories from his life. Maxwell gained leadership experience as a pastor. He shares some of his early experiences along with lessons learned.

  • Applications

Fourth, readers can apply what they learn. Each chapter concludes with questions for self-reflection.

  • Evaluation Tool

Fifth, an evaluation tool is located at the end of the book. Examine your skills and uncover opportunities for growth.

  • Inspiration

Sixth, by reading this book you'll either aspire to be a better leader or establish a new level of respect for leaders. This book inspires you to learn more about leadership. Maxwell begins each chapter with a quote and spreads anecdotes throughout.

  • Teachable

Seventh, the book provides instructional designers with material for a leadership training & development curriculum. The options for tailoring the information for different audiences are numerous. Create a PowerPoint presentation or online course for new supervisors. Hold roundtable discussions with senior leaders. There's much to talk about.

Regarding coaching and performance reviews, the questions at the end of chapters can be tweaked for professional development. Equally important, blend them into appropriate training modules as discussion questions. Lastly, 21 Irrefutable Leadership Laws should be required reading in college business courses. If you're teaching a course on leadership without this book, your students are missing the boat.

  • Handy Reference

Eighth, the book serves as a handy reference tool. It's like the leadership Bible. Anyone serious about succeeding as a leader should obtain a copy for his or her library.

  • User-friendly

Finally, the book is user-friendly. Each chapter highlights one of the laws. You can read them in-or-out of order. Furthermore, John Maxwell's writing style is easy to follow, and it holds your attention.

Source by Stephanie Harbin