Café World is a cute game on Facebook and has a few tricks to getting the most fun out of it. In particular, the layout of your café is important to your success. If you have tables that are inaccessible by your waiters, you are wasting space and losing customers. As you level up, you want your “buzz” to increase as you will get more customers. As your customers increase, you need to expand your café to accommodate them.

So, cook your dishes, feed your customers, make some money and buy more tables and chairs. As you expand your café, your café world strategy layout will need to be adjusted, but following these basic rules will help.

The kinds of furniture and appliances you have don't really matter. Sure, you can get the fancier looking stoves and the tables with the pretty table clothes, but they don't bring in more customers or add to your buzz level and they can eat away at your funds.

The number of tables you have affects your buzz rating and you have to be sure not to cram things in as your waiters won't be able to get to blocked off tables which wastes money and space.

Let's start with your stoves which are the key component in your café would strategy layout. When you start out in café world, you are given three stoves, three counters, two tables and two chairs. By pushing the stoves together you can save much needed space.

Plus, if you want to add more stoves as you level up, you have more room to place them next to the original three. You only need to get to the front of the stove, so putting them against the far back wall is best.

The counters can also be pushed together to give you more room for tables and chairs. As you grow your business, note that you can cook more of the same food and stack it on top of the same counter to serve more customers, so you can have more stoves than counters if you want.

Table and chair placement can be a harder thing to accomplish when it comes to your café world strategy layout. You don't want to crowd the café and make parts inaccessible as this only wastes space. If you have found that you have bought too many chairs and tables, you can sell them back to the store, but at a reduced price, so don't go on a buying spree until you expand your café.

You want to have space between each table so that your customers can sit and your waiters can wait on them. If you place three tables up against one another and place them against a wall, the middle table will become locked in, so space them out against the south wall. You can even have tables in your kitchen area along that south wall.

There are several cafe world strategy layout patterns that can be created as your café grows, you can form a horseshoe or a spiral and you can create rows of tables like in a prison. Just remember to make sure your waiters can get to the customer.

You can even place your stoves and counters into the center of a circle. Just remember to leave one table out so you can get into your cooking and serving area.


Source by Marcus Lawrenceson