Card tables are such a versatile piece of home entertainment furniture and many people are buying them to play cards and such in the comfort of their own home. Many are realizing the amount of money and time they are saving from not going out as much and spending quality time with their close friends and family members at home. Card tables and chairs are primarily used to host card games; it's like bringing the casino to your home minus the traveling time, etc.

There's a one-time investment when buying your card table set, but that investment will bring you many years of fun and entertainment. In order to make your table last for years, you definitely need to maintain, clean, and maybe even repair if required. Maintaining your table isn't that hard as long as you follow these simple steps:

  1. Storage – When storing your tables, make sure that the storage area is dry to prevent molding of the table. It's also best to have an area to store that has less foot traffic than normal to prevent anyone from stepping or tipping the table over.
  2. Food & Drinks – If you're going to host card game night at your house and you're inviting a few buddies over, you need to make sure that you eat first before you starting playing. Wash your hands before you start the game to remove any food grease from going on your chips, playing cards, etc.
  3. Tighten those screws – Over time the legs of your card table chairs and table might get a little loose. Get a flathead or Philips screwdriver and tighten all the screws to prevent any wobbly motion.
  4. Brush your felt – Most card table surfaces are covered in that traditional table felt you're familiar with. The best way to clean the felt surface is with a light brush that many pool table owners use to clean their tables.

Take good care of your furniture and it will give you many years of thrills and excitement with close friends and family. Remember to do a little routine maintenance if you want to have your card table last. There are other purposes that you can use a table other than playing cards so don't think that you need to use them for just one reason. There are many events that requires an extra table and chairs such as birthday bashes, dinner parties, lemonade stands for your kids, etc.

Source by Jackson N.