You are actively playing a game of modern warfare when the unthinkable occurs; your current console gives up and dies. ARGH. A few of the main faults are brought on by overheating that may cause problems for graphics chips as well as the CPU, the first task is to unplug the games system and leave it not less than 120 minutes. Next ensure you have your ps3 in an exceedingly well ventilated area additionally, the vents aren't clogged up with particles this may occasionally solve your problem and get you playing again quickly.

Other problem solving or maintenance opinions are also available on the web within the form of online manuals/e- books all which offer plenty of advice and tips.

Some of the issues such guides can assist with include

o Cleaning the lens in your Bluray PS3

o Any issues maybe you have with PlayStation Bluetooth controllers

o Issues of movies and games freezing, or ceasing to work

o PlayStation 3 blinking problems

o Problems with video and audio settings

o Correcting the display or no display in any respect o And of course the yellow light of death

Although the PlayStation 3 has several positive aspects, some of these common problems are causing distress to a large number of gamers all over the world.

The online guides that are available offer a lot of additional information on how to get the best out of your ps3 including how to install a linux operating system onto your PlayStation 3 enabling it to become a desktop PC, how to replace the hard disk on your PS3 and setting up media servers.

Were you aware it is possible to transfer files from your iPod to your PS3 with this guide it is possible to learn how to make certain your PlayStation 3 can recognize your iPod and a lot of other cool information.


Source by Craig A Summers