The first version of Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a remarkable game and people across the world greeted it with open hands, because of its unique features and graphics. It brought back the memories of Super Mario series. This game was great, when looked as the single player game, but it failed in multiplayer format, as the role of second player was limited.

The task of second player consists of shooting bits of stars, grabbing enemies and helping Mario in his jump. It was great for the casual and amateur fans of Super Mario, but did not satisfy the professional and experienced Mario players. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has all those things, which makes it perfect to be played on Super Nintendo gaming console. The best part of this game is that it involves two players and both have active parts.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 includes some new tricks, which can be helpful while you play the game. The second player is an orange colored person who floats around along with Mario. The name of this player is Luma and he has various abilities such as Star-shooting, enemy holding and assistance to Mario for further development in different stages. If you are an avid Mario fan, then you need to go for this game and have a great time, while playing it on Super Nintendo gaming console.

You can term Luma as the assistant of Mario, but it has some other abilities such as collecting power ups and coins. Luma can achieve certain things, which may be difficult for Mario to reach. However, Mario is the star of the game, so we cannot undermine his abilities. Generally, Luma holds the enemies, but in some cases, finishes the enemies all by his own. Play Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is a mix of old Mario games with some new twist and turns.


Source by Kathy Mercado