If there is an exciting change that will come to the third game of the Fable series, it is the addition of a complex yet immersing Marriage system. In this feature, your playable hero is able to woo and marry non playable characters and even players you meet through Xbox live. Marriage is a great experience in the game, allowing you to fight monsters and enemies with a partner. What's more, you get to have your own in-game children, whom you must feed and take care of in order to grow up to be fine young people. This is another reason why you have to buy Fable 3 and see what's in store.

Marriage in Fable 3, however, has its cons. An ideal move to do is to earn as much money as you can and marry a rich character. This is for practicality's sake and not for the sake of class discrimination. In the game, if you marry a character, both your bank accounts are merged into one, and if you file for a divorce, then your money will be split into two. The game also allows you to marry multiple partners at once, but there exists the possibility that the in-game partner will experience the disadvantage of being a third wheel in the Marriage system and file a divorce, thereby decreasing your bank savings in half.

The developers of the game try to incorporate real-life elements in the system of marriage in Fable 3. It teaches the players how to weigh the pros and cons of living a married life. This goes to prove how the game strives for realism blended into one gigantic magical world. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Fable 3 now!

Source by Seth Davidson