For many gamers that can afford such a powerful machine, the 17 inches Falcon Northwest DRX FragBook is really like the overpowered BFG gun from Quake or the merciless AWM sniper rifle from Cross Fire – an awesome gaming laptop that will make your gaming world simply better and easier to obliterate your in-game enemies, but at a pretty inaccessible price of more than 3.500 dollars, depending on options.

This machine is not for the casual gamers, nor for those gamers that like to travel a lot because its portability is only a little better than that of a desktop system. If you try to play while keeping this laptop on your lap it will either burn you because of the heat it generates, or in short time will make your feet feel numb, but most probably the both.

Same as other custom-build gaming laptops, like the Sager NP9262 or the Clevo Metabox D901C, the FragBook DRX is heavy, but if you treat him right, it will unveil its almost supernatural power. This power comes from the mighty Intel Core i7 950 3.06 GHz Quad-Core processor, combined with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M 1.5 GB VDDR graphics card.

While the majority of gaming laptops and notebooks use mobile processors, the Falcon Northwest FragBook DRX is equipped with the Intel Core i7 950 3.06 GHz Quad-Core processor, which is actually a desktop processor. Well yes, you will lose some on the portability and your laptop will be heated like a nuclear plant, but you will gain a lot in processing power, and that, for the games of today, but especially for the games of tomorrow, is a perfect compromise.

Not the same can be said about the graphic card, that is a middle range one, very good for the gaming present, but considering the price you have to pay for such a custom system, it could have been better.

This beast is powered also by 6 GB of DDR3 RAM memory, at 1333 MHz, and has only a 320GB HDD spinning at 7.200 rpm, somehow substandard features if you consider the RAM amount an Alienware can pack under its hood, or the lightning fast SSD they use for storage, instead of the old mechanical HDD.

Overall, this Northwest DRX laptop is conceived as a desktop replacement more than a truly portable machine. Its powerful processor is a big plus for the gaming world, but its graphic card, RAM memory and storage could and should be better at this price, but you can't dismiss it from being one of the best gaming laptops you can buy these days.

Source by Mike Aurel Andrew