The problem with Xbox 360 games is actually quite simple. They are burnt in a special way, known as dual layer, that makes them quite tricky to copy… especially if you aren't familiar with how to do it. Luckily, there is a way to burn Xbox 360 games and play them on your console.

Xbox 360 games are all burnt using dual layer DVDs. This is basically where the DVD disc has two layers to record on, allowing the likes of Microsoft and other game developers to fit as much as 9gb of data onto the DVD. Although this technology has been present for a very long time, it's only recently that Microsoft have adopted it for their games console, and it's made many people unable to burn their games.

To burn an Xbox 360 game, you first need to have the .ISO file and the .DVD file of the game you wish to copy. The ISO file holds all the game data, and is what will be burnt to the disc. The .DVD file is a group of instructions for the DVD burner, to put the game onto the disc in the right way. In order to copy the game, you need to have both of these files, either from a game you have in your possession, or from downloading them (which is illegal).

When you have these two files, you then just need to open the .DVD file and copy the “layer break” number that it has. This is important, because the layer break number tells your PC where to cut off the recording of the first layer and where to start the second layer recording. You just need to copy the number with CRTL + C.

After that, you then need to download a program called imgBurn, which is a DVD copying tool. After you've installed it and loaded it up, you then just need to open up the “settings” tab that it has and then find the “layer break” section. When you find it, paste the number you found in the DVD file; as this will tell the software where to “break” the recording onto the next layer.

After you've done that, you then need to select the “Burn From Image” option in imgBurn and then select the ISO file to burn to the disc. ImgBurn should take about 20-40 minutes to burn the DVD, but after it's done, you will have a game that will be playable on an Xbox. You then just need to pop it into your console and play it till you get bored!

This is actually a very simple way of copying games, but many people fall foul of a few tricks that Microsoft have employed to stop people from pirating games. Obviously, we do not condone illegal activity, but if you want to legally backup your game, you need to be able to do it properly. And to do that, it's best to have a tutorial or system which allows you to copy games quickly and easily.

Source by Jack Hoffmann