From the beginning of the PlayStation era gamers have been perplexed with the same problem over and over gain. The dreaded damaged game problem, after continuous use PS3 games pick up scratches and imperfections which result in the game getting damaged and unable to play rendering it worthless. Sony obviously needs to protect themselves from piracy so they adopt very advanced copyright encryption techniques to make it difficult for people to copy Ps3 games. The problem is if you request a backup copy from Sony, they point blank refuse. Out of courtesy, they should provide us with a backup copy when we purchase games brand new considering the exorbitant prices but they don't.

It's only fair that we protect our investment and by law we are entitled to create a backup copy of our games. Obviously most people are not aware that they can actually copy Ps3 Games, legally and also easily. I'm going to give you a few seconds to get back up on your chair after falling off. Yes, we have been told for years now that we have to illegally jailbreak our PlayStations or install a mod-chip in order to copy PS3 games. What they don't tell you is that for around $30 you can just buy a piece of software that can does the job for you. Plain and simple and without any technical blah blah blah. It's as simple as copying a normal DVD using any of the usual DVD burning applications. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to picking the right software to copy PS3 games or even if you want to burn Xbox games. Afters testing a number of them I was able to come up with a winner. Easy backup wizard is the most cost effective and also the easiest to use.

I found that easy backup wizard was able to copy PS3 games without losing any of the sound or picture quality, making that copy just as good as the original. The other major benefit of this nifty piece of software is that it can be used to burn Xbox games also with the same results. The interface is very user friendly and self explanatory so just about anyone can use it.

Having the ability to backup my games have made me far less stressed when it comes to my games. I no longer have to treat them as if they were my own off spring. I simply keep the original games locked away safely and play with the backup or copied version so it gets damaged then I can just make another copy. When it comes time to trade in my game then I can trade in the original and it will still be in pristine condition and will definitely fetch a better trade in price.


Source by Deez N