Many people face problems with their PS3 and they think that their PlayStation 3 is broken. People get too angry when they can't figure out the main problem of their broken PlayStation 3. Of course you spent hundreds of dollar on the PS3 console and when some problem occurs in it after some time, which is simply unacceptable for you. Sometimes the most common problem which your PS3 might face is that it starts freezing when you are playing a game on it. Some people think that resetting your PS3 to the factory setting will help them and it is mostly seen that resetting your PS3 causes more problems. It gets so much worse that when you insert a disk into the PlayStation 3 then it won't even react to it so people say that they have a broken PlayStation 3.

Well it is mostly suggested that when something like this happens then you should probably check the lens of the broken PlayStation 3. The lens will probably need some cleaning and if it still doesn't work then you will have to get the lens of your broken PlayStation 3 repaired. If you are confident enough that you can fix your PlayStation 3 by yourself then get yourself a trustworthy and proper guide. Always try to get that guide for your PS3 which should be having different solutions to the errors which occur in the PS3. I am sure that you will get a suitable guide for yourself on the internet which will be easy to understand just like I did for my PS3 broken.

A problem which occurred in my PS3 broken was the display, it became unclear and faint when I turned on the power of the console. When this happens the image gets fuzzier after some more time and a person cannot see anything properly on the screen. Well, for the solution of the broken PS3 hold the power button of the PS3 for few seconds after turning on the power of console. That will help in resetting the display setting of your broken PS3.

Source by Smith Jacob