Do you want to fix e74 error on your Xbox 360 system? Then read on. Many Xbox 360 owners, about 30%-40%, have all experienced one problem or the other associated with this gaming console.

And you might have come across many different methods on how to fix e74 error on your Xbox, only to discover that many of them don't actually work. Do not worry, what I am about to reveal to you in this article will help you fix your Xbox problem permanently for good.

Simple Tips On How To Fix Your Xbox 360:

1. One of the main causes of the e74 error code display on your Xbox unit is because of overheating of the system. When this happen the internal parts of the system heats up and then it begins to malfunction.

One easy tip you can try at home is to make sure your Xbox is in a well ventilated place. Allow it to breathe.

You can try this cooling trick and see if your Xbox console works. If it does not, then go on to the next tip.

2. Another way you can get your Xbox fixed is by contacting the Microsoft service center. They will obviously charge you for the repairs, not to mention the amount of time they will take to ship your console back to you after the completion of the repairs.

But if you still have warranty with them you might end up getting another console, which is okay. But the new system is also vulnerable to the same e74 error.

So this might not be a good idea for many people, but if you have the time and money to spare then by all means Microsoft is a good option to go for.

3. The best and most reliable way to get rid of any problem or error code that is associated with Xbox 360, like E74, red ring of death, and freezing problems etc, is to use a repair guide.

It is highly recommended that you get a repair guide. This repair guide will help you fix the problem. It comes with detailed step by step instructions and manuals. Some of them even have videos tutorials to show you exactly how it is done.

And the best part of it is, that you can do the repairs within a few hours normally. This method is considered the best option because you can fix your Xbox 360 console now and start playing your game the next hour.

You do not need to spend your hard earned money and time by sending your Xbox 360 console to Microsoft, all you need is a repair guide.

Source by Stan Dave