Are your Xbox 360 problems frustrating you? Are you experiencing RRoD – Red Ring of Death? Is your 360 having video issues or making unusual noises? Need an Xbox Ring of Death Fix?

Xbox 360 problems are experienced by as many as 30- 50% of Xbox users. What can you do? What are your options?

If your Xbox 360 is not working or only works for a short time and then quits then it needs to be repaired. A repair is possible and there is no need to throw it away and purchase a new one. It is also nice to know that the failure is most likely not your fault. This is because there are some manufacturing defects that are built right into your Xbox that can raise their ugly head after being used for a short time.

The manufacture has acknowledged these Xbox 360 problems and has even extended warranties to three years to address the issues. The warranty is only good if your console has not been opened or tampered with. If you have already tampered with your brick you still have other options for repair, not all is lost… just the free manufacture repair offer.

The first step to restoring your Xbox is call the manufacture and see if you are still under warranty. Call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. If it is covered you can get it fixed for free. This will take about 2- 6 weeks (bummer) and should be considered your first option.

If your Xbox is not under warranty the manufacture will still repair it for $100- $140 plus shipping and handling and this is recommended unless your are experienced with electronic repair. If you are handy when it comes to electronics you can purchase the necessary tools for repair on eBay, but remember, if you still have warranty coverage, self repair will void that warranty.

With the above said and understood, repairing your Xbox 360 problems is not all that hard if you take your time and are able to follow simple directions. Only basic technical skills and tools are required for a permanent Xbox Ring of Death Fix. Only about 6- 8% of Xboxes are un-repairable so you have a very good chance of saving your console!

Most Xbox problems are due to overheating and although you can contribute to overheating by not placing the console in a well ventilated place the Xbox does have a design flaw in this area .Your Xbox 360 is a powerful computer and generates a lot of heat especially when gaming for extended periods of time. All of it components are tightly fit into the brick with little room to spare so the chances of overheating are high. However this overheating flaw can be addressed successfully.

You will be able to find all kinds of fixes for free on the web but for the most part they are either temporary or pure snake oil. The covering your console with the towel trick may cause your game to reset for a while but your Xbox 360 problems will persist and the continued overheating will shorten the life span of internal components and end up in a total electronic failure. I have even seen some, for an Xbox Ring of Death Fix, suggest placing a bag of ice or frozen vegetables on or over your Xbox!

Like most problems in life, exercising good common sense is the key to success. This is also the case when dealing with Xbox 360 problems. By understanding the causes, weighing your options and taking the proper action you can have your Xbox 360 up and running again with a safe and permanent repair without spending a bundle on a new one. Once resolved you will never have to find an Xbox Ring of Death Fix again.

Source by Robert Hemken Jr.