Behind the scenes the games console makers of the world are already working how to take our console experience to the next level. Nintendo are working on the Wii 2, Microsoft on the Xbox 720 and Sony on the PlayStation 4. So is the PlayStation 3 on its way out soon?

The new Sony console will seemingly be based around the same powerful Cell processor system used by the current generation of consoles, but will generate double the power. Sony have reportedly already approached developers over the new console and processing speed is not their only priority. Sony seem very aware that the PlayStation 3 has been the priciest participant in the recent console wars and want to be closer to Nintendo and Microsoft the next time around.

Rumours are that Sony are also very aware of finding the balance between sufficient development time and not getting left behind. The success of the has undoubtedly been affected by the fact that the Xbox 360 beat it to the marketplace and Sony seem determined not to start off on the back foot again.

The rumour mill seems to be predicting the launch of the new PlayStation in 2011, but there are some within the ranks that think the arrival on the PlayStation 4 could be as soon as 2010. Looking at Sony's recent history of bringing on new innovations, 2010 would look to be a little optimistic though on their recent record.

Sony are confident that the PlayStation 3 has much life in it yet though. They continue to work on innovations, mainly based around its online offering, around PlayStation Home and PlayStation Network which they see as a way of extending the life of the PlayStation 3 as well as adding value for existing PlayStation 3 [] users.

Source by Chris Gorney