Jane's Realty is time management game on construction business. Jane has taken over the family business to maximize the profit and bring it to the next competitive level. Here you help Jane to buy land and clear the piece of land with the services available, then choose the type of building before able to start the construction.

There are two modes in Jane's Realty which are Business mode and Design mode. Get started with business mode first as design mode is available only after you have done Happy Valley: Level 3 at business mode. There are several places which you can build your real estate and there's a map to refer to for these places. South Village, Smiletown and Green Valley are few of the areas you develop.

Before you can build housing estate in a place, first, you have to build water tower and electric power station first. Upgrade them and then you are ready to build the houses. When the houses are ready, furnish them with bed, table, chair or paint the walls beautifully to get the rental fees as high as possible. When the tenants move in, money flows in every month and you get the money to buy more lands and build more buildings.

Occasionally, some rain fall will cause trees at the housing area to fall. Get the crane to clean up the mess to ensure safe environment for the people there. When the power station or the houses need repair, get the right tool and service to repair the buildings.

Each levels have different mission for you. Some required you to build garage, some need you to build houses and then upgrade them to more expensive houses, some requires you to build store and the list goes on. Focus on getting the goals achieved as early as possible and you get to complete the levels within the time given. When you are approaching you time limit for each level, there's this buzzing sound to remind you to speed up your actions. Some expensive buildings like garage need more money before you can build it, so accumulate enough rental money for that purpose.

Overall I find it amusing to play Jane's Realty as it really opens up the eyes for the real estate business even though it's just a simulation for casual game. Having said that, I feel that this time management game need to put in more additive factor as it tends to get repetitive at some point or other. Which means, once you have passed the learning curve of the game, you will face the same scenario at each levels except higher and higher goals set for you.

On the time management genre and also real estate theme, I recommend another similar but more engaging game…. Build in Time. Start your real estate business with Build in Time instead.

Source by Mabel Lee