Role playing games or RPG, became popular ever since their invention due to the fact that people have fun playing them, for the most part people who play these games are not winners or losers because this type of game was not designed to win a particular hand such as board or card games, however there have been some hybrid game versions created which borrow elements from several styles, such as the case of World of Warcraft.

Similarly, games such as Magic Stones have taken the best of mythological creatures and fused them with a complex game of cards, in some way this setting will remind people of animations such as Yugioh where the player uses monsters and plays with cards in order to defeat the opponent.

Magic stones is an role playing game which uses creatures found in Celtic mythology and fuses the great elements of card playing games in the whole mix. The game takes place in the land of Aravorn and the player controls a duid as well as the powerful creations, the player needs to battle opponents in order to find new artifacts, runes and discover new challenges throughout the land. The player also needs to compete in the annual druid tournament which is hard to pass, this tournament takes place in the black tower where the characters will fight to the death against 16 enemy druids.

The game has over 20 different avatars available for the player to choose, according to the selection a player could be part of a noble druid which excels in intelligence or a wild druid which excels in willpower. There are several specialties such as air, water, earth and fire.

Besides going into “battle mode” or challenge druid, you can choose to gather artifacts which are spread throughout the entire kingdom of Aravon, you will go into enchanted forests, cursed islands, etc. and a player will find hidden objects in each place that will increase the powers of the druid and increase its level as well.

There is also one more mode which is exclusive from the guys at WinterWolves, with this quest mode a player can go on different quests where he will be able to choose different avatars and creatures from the realm of life and spirit. Overall, this a great RPG game with a card playing twist which is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours.

Source by Ivan A Cuxeva