World of Warcraft is a game that is very addictive to millions of people around the world. The people who participate in WoW are very competitive. Blizzard has built a lot of things you can compete for in the game.

One of the most coveted status symbol in mafia wars is the coveted ”crusader title”. When you achieve this title, it goes on to show everyone that you have worked hard and you know what you are doing. I am sure many of your gaming buddies will be jealous.

The crusader title is well respected by WoW gamers. It is a title that carries prestige and most World of Warcraft gamers want it so that they can be rated highly among their peers. There is also a special membership awarded to you once you achieve the status. You are then given access to purchase items only available to  the elite members of the group.

One of the items you can buy is the Argent pony bridle. Once you become a champion at the Argent tournament, you will receive a friend who will follow you around. This companion is essentially useless to you until you buy the Argent pony bridle.

Once you unlock the use of your companion, it can serve you as a bank, vendor or mailbox allowing you to access those things anywhere, without the need to give to a main city first. It really is a very nice item to purchase, as it will make your companion incredibly useful and can only be acquired once you have earned your crusader title.

Another major benefit of earning your title is that it opens up the option to purchase heirloom items by doing dailies alone, so that they are much easier to acquire. These are the major benefits you get of earning a crusader title in the World of Warcraft.

Source by Peter Osigbe