Recently Modern Warfare 3 was released by Activision on November 8th and It has broken all the records set by the Previous Call Of Duty Series Games. The Game is too addicting like always but the real addiction lies in the Multiplayer Part of the Game. Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer takes MW3 to another level where you can play with your online friends and strangers. Multiplayer is fun but it can get difficult if you never had played it before. However, it is not too hard and if you follow some proven strategies, you can easily improve your kill death ratio and go up the leader board. I am going to share such proven techniques with you, here in this article. So let us get started:

1. Base Kill streaks On Your Skill Level:

This one is obvious, but most of the players fail to understand this and pick the highest killstreak rewards even when they are newbies and know that they can't win it. You should only pick the lower rewards which you can achieve regularly. This way, you and your team will level up faster which will get you better guns and perks thus making your Modern warfare 3 Multiplayer Game play a lot easier and fascinating.

2. Avoid Sprinting:

Sprinting is always fun and you are tempted to sprint around all the time. But It is the habit of bad players (or better the worst ones). When you are sprinting around, it becomes easier for your enemies to figure you out and shoot you dead. Moreover when you are sprinting, there is a small delay before you can use your weapon again. So, in all, Sprinting is a bad habit in Call Of Duty MW3 Multiplayer and you should avoid it as much as possible.

3. Choose perks wisely:

Most of the Players in MW3 are confused with choosing the right perks and attachments for their weapon. Certain Perks are specifically designed for certain weapons and should not be used with other weapons, but most of the players fail to realize this. For Example: Quickdraw is clearly for long-ranged classes while Assassin is clearly for short-ranged classes.

4. Get Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Guide:

Now this is the most important part. Do you know why your friends or other online players are ahead of you in the game and skills? It is because they have the MW3 Multiplayer Guide. This cool MW3 Guide includes Walkthrough and intel guide, step by step tutorial videos, MW3 Multiplayer Survival Guide and lots more.

Source by Sam Cruise