Technological progress in the world of video games continues to prosper in an unprecedented pace. In fact, it is among the fewest gadgets among the many contemporary marvels to have prospered continuously. Innovation after innovation has swept video game console production, outfacing and deeming previous models as outdated simply in a matter of half of a decade. There seems to be no stop in the advancement of video game novelty. Modernization, as far as video games are concerned, always undergoes an unstoppable shift in a mere span of three to seven years. PlayStation and Nintendo brands are testament to the skyrocketing pace of technological advancement that it nearly becomes a tech race for both companies.

If PlayStation has banked on its PlayStation Portable console to overcome the Nintendo Gamecube, then Nintendo has launched its recent model to not only tip the scale, but also to pioneer a change in the face of video gaming system forever. A decade ago, virtual hands-on experience in video game is only subject to either of science fiction, based on top secret government agency gadgets or the special effects digital contraption in film making and animation- all in a form of virtual reality goggles and motion straps. But Nintendo has tapped the basic practical scientific application behind the precepts once thought to be theoretical nearly half a decade ago.

Nintendo Wii is one of the newest video gaming gadgets that enables players to experience hands-on participation in the high-tech simulation. What makes Nintendo Wii so unique is that unlike all video game consoles, Nintendo Wii enables the players control their avatars or characters with a new gizmo they call as Wii remote. The Wii remote is different compared to the joystick of other consoles. The Wii remote has a “motion sensor” which enables the player to interact with the characters through the use of actual movements rather than mechanical buttons and levers. The motion sensors will enable to recognize arm movements like accompanied by its button commands.

Nintendo Wii is not only limited to Wii remote. There is also this controller they call as the Wii wheel. Obviously, its purpose is to interact with vehicular simulation. No one has to go to an arcade station just to play with race car or helicopter simulation games if they own Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo wheel would keep the players at home without feeling embarrassed with fancying themselves as Speed Racer or a bad-ass car chasing cop.

Lastly, one of the most interesting features of Nintendo Wii is the Wii nunchuck. Fans of boxing and fighting video games will get a hands-on experience of being in the ring as boxing champion Manny Pacquiao or UFC champion Anderson Silva and literally swing a punch against those who seek to claim the championship title belt- while holding the Wii nunchuk and Wii remote. The Wii nunchuk is attached to the Wii remote in order to have bipedal controls in the games that require them.

The greatest benefit of these contraptions in Nintendo Wii is that it allows the players the benefit of moving instead of merely sitting in front of the screen. If one is looking for a game console that requires “active” participation, buying Nintendo Wii is certainly the best option ever.


Source by FG Dullin