The whole world is suffering from the corona outbreak, and so is the technological sector. Most of the employees are still working from home as the world is not ready for the normal lifestyle yet. As most of the people are sitting at their homes, so the number of people using the streaming services has risen a lot lately. 16 million new subscriptions have come up on Netflix, which is more than double the number the streaming company had forecasted.

One hundred thousand new warehouse workers were hired by Amazon for meeting with the growing demand. There was an explosion in the traffic of Facebook video calling and messaging, and also a 40% increase in the Microsoft software for online collaboration was seen within a week. The actual question here is whether the cloud would be able to handle the exponentially growing demand for bandwidth or not?

In a lot of places, the streaming quality of videos were reduced on Netflix and YouTube to ease the pressure on the internet network of that region.

The Streaming Outbreak

If this kind of pandemic would have happened a decade ago then it would not have been possible for the businesses to work from home, and difficult for the people to pass time without playing online games, and streaming movies. Some of the online services that are making things run all around the world are Netflix, Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, and more. People are finding the internet-powered alternative of the services much more useful and efficient.

It is because of technology, that we are being able to maintain social distance as it is keeping us connected to our loved ones as well as the working colleagues. We have to get what we need without going out, and that is really exploding the cloud servers with the traffic. The education of the kids, the work from home of the adults, all of it is going in a smooth manner because of the online services. Even the accountants who were working on the QuickBooks desktop version have switched to QuickBooks hosting during the outbreak, so that the work does not get hampered in any manner.

Cloud: Need of The Hour

While Netflix, Zoom, Whatsapp, and any of the social networking sites or applications are the forefront of the online revolution, the real thing behind all of these is the cloud. The services of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, all of these services are running on the cloud with a huge load during this period, and that shows how powerful and important the cloud technology is.

Cloud computing is one of the rare industries that is not affected by the economic collapse during the pandemic. The demand of the cloud service is not going to fall even after the covid as people have realized the potential of virtual classrooms, and remote work. The companies that had switched to the cloud before the outbreak have significantly upper hand here. Switching to the cloud saves a lot of your cost as you get rid of the in-house IT infrastructure and most of the maintenance is handled via the hosting provider. With the demand, the cloud can easily be scaled up and down as well with the advanced features remaining intact. This kind of flexibility is what is hiking the demand for clouds right now.


People are getting dependent on the cloud more than anything right now. Through the virtual sessions of activities, the world is being able to run with social distancing. The different companies are trying their best to handle the cloud explosion as that is a need right now for the world to run. The platforms are becoming much more efficient in managing the traffic, so that we do not miss out on virtual socializing, streaming and remote work.


Source by Tina S Smith