PES 2010 (also known as Pro Evolution Soccer 2011) is the brand new soccer game from Konami, and with its release many fans of the series are no-doubt wondering if the game lives up to the incredibly high standards set by some of the previous installments.

Graphically, at first glance the game doesn't appear to have taken any great leaps from PES 2010. When you start to play it, however, you start to see all of the brilliant yet subtle animations that have been put into the game that make your players run around and fight for the ball just like the real professionals do.

The overall game play of the game is like nothing I've ever seen (in a good way). Well, actually that's not true. I have seen something incredibly similar on TV since it's so realistic and lifelike! Players make runs just like they should, they pass the ball just like they should and they shoot just like they should.

The passing system in this game has been given a massive overhaul and it's now totally different to any other game out there. You're given the freedom to pass the ball in any direction that you want, which is a big change from the old games where you just aimed at another team mate and the ball went straight to them.

Overall, PES 2011 is not only a fantastic game, but it's also incredibly fun and exciting to play. It is easily the best football game on them market right now, and if you're a fan of the sport you should check it out!

Source by David J P Smith