A lot of people just assume that Pinterest does not make sense for your business. Specifically, if you are a man, you might just stay clear completely of Pinterest. Well, you might be making a big mistake.

When people think of Pinterest, odds are they are thinking of recipes, home decor or some type of arts and crafts. There's a lot more when it comes to Pinterest. There are pins and boards that cover a wide range of topics.

For example, think of a topic you would never think would be even considered. For example, let's take fantasy football. After doing a quick search on Pinterest for “fantasy football” you might be shocked to find out there is actually some fantasy football content out there. Most of it is geared toward fantasy football draft parties, but still, there is some content out there.

Now if you have an account on fantasy football do you want to spend a lot of time with Pinterest for business? Probably not, but this was just to make an example of the diversity of content that's on Pinterest.

Another example for something you might not expect to be on Pinterest is video gaming. For instance, you can find a great deal of content on Nintendo Switch, XBox, PlayStation and more. A lot of it has to do with the art side of gaming and DIY projects to create cases for your systems and things like that but still, there are a lot of topics on Pinterest you can target, even if you have a video gaming blog.

So how do you know if your niche is something that makes sense for taking to Pinterest? Well, one way, obviously, is to search on their site and see what type of content exists on the platform already.

Another method is when you are typing search phrases on the Pinterest site, type slowly and see if the predictive text suggests related topics to finish your search. This serves as an indicator that shows people are actually searching for these words or phrases on there. If you get several different words to finish what you are typing that is a great sign that you are on the right track to targeting something people get on Pinterest for.

So what are you waiting for? Take action! Many people get thousands of pageviews to their website a day and all of it from Pinterest.

Source by Sean W Taylor