If your PS3 is suffering with the Yellow Light of Death or YLOD error, there is every chance that if your machine does not have a current warranty you will be looking for a PS3 YLOD repair service.

The YLOD usually means a general hardware failure within the console.

Sending your PS3 to the manufacturer for repair or finding a local repair service can be very expensive, and you may get a refurbished machine back, minus the data you had saved on your hard drive.

In addition, some PS3 owners have run into repeat problems or new errors after having their system fixed. That can end up in even more repairs and costs.

Here are some of the PS3 fixes you can try yourself.

1. Switch off and Reboot.

Turn your machine off and let it cool down thoroughly and start over again.

2. Cables and Connections.

Check for loose cables. Sometimes this simple check can be all it takes to fix that annoying yellow PS3 light issue. Make sure that all the cables are tight and connected properly.

3. The Hard Drive.

The Playstation's hard disk is known to cause some problems. Sometimes when installing a game, it is possible for the Yellow Light of Death to appear.

A possible solution to this does require some knowledge of removing the PlayStation 3′s hard disk and re-formatting it on your personal computer.

All of your saved games, downloaded content and other data on your hard disk will be lost with this method.

You will need to remove the PS3 hard drive and connect it to your personal computer, select the PS3 drive and then reformat the drive. Re-insert the PS3 disk into the console and boot it up.

4. Cooling and Overheating.

One of the first things you can do to fix your PS3 YLOD problems is to turn off your PS3.

Just simply turn off your PS3 for at least 20 minutes or so. This will allow your PS3 to cool down.

Take your console out to a cool place, remove all the cables and use a low power vacuum cleaner to gently remove dust from all the vents. Many PS3 errors are due to overheating, and vents clogged with dust accumulation. Check that the fans are working.

5. Fix it Yourself.

A good PS3 repair system should include fixes for a whole range of problems that may show up – including the various error lights, blu-ray drive problems, and many other issues.

Most of these problems can be easily fixed with tools you almost certainly have in the house already. A good PS3 repair manual should have illustrated instructions, as well as video guides to walk you through the process.


Source by E J Taylor