There are some simple and fun games that you can add to your quiz or trivia night that are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Sure it's fun answering questions about history, sports and music but by the forth or fifth round people will appreciate something different.

A great novelty game to play is the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt involves you awarding prizes to the first team that can make it to the scoring table with a collection of special items. For example you might announce that there will be ten bonus points offered to the first team to make it to the scoring table with three business cards, a safety pin, a red pen and a bandage.

This is a great novelty question for two reasons. Firstly is involves the teams communicating. Immediately everyone starts to look around their team and talking. “I have a pen and a business card, does anyone have a bandage on them?” Secondly the question means people get to leave their seat and run to the scoring table. Even the observers who remain seated vicariously enjoy seeing some physical activity.

Another fun novelty game you play is called the sit down stand up game. Have everyone in the room stand up. Then ask them a question with a yes or no answer. Did Roger Federer win this years US Open tennis? for example. Tell the audience that if they think the answer is yes they should put their hands on their head. If they think the answer is no they should put their hands on their waist.

Wait 5 seconds until everyone has picked an answer and then announce that the people who got it incorrect should sit down.Repeat the process with another question only allowing those standing to participate. Continue until you have whittled the audience down to a single person left standing. This person is the winner and their team receives bonus points.

Once again this game is a lot of fun because it gets people temporarily out of their seats and doing something physical.

A very simple but fun game you an incorporate in your quiz or trivia night is called the magic seat. Before the quiz has begun, in fact before the participants have arrived, stick a piece of paper containing the word winner to the under side of three chairs in the room.

Halfway through your quiz you can ask everyone to get up and check under their chair for the special magic paper. The lucky people sitting on a magic chair will all earn their teams an extra five points.

Obviously this game is simply luck based, but people do enjoy it.

You should definitely think about adding some novelty games to your trivia or quiz night. They can make all the difference.


Source by Sam Howley