The Razer Deathadder is arguably today's most popular gaming mouse. After using it for about a year, I can see why. As with all of Razer gaming products, this mouse is designed from the ground up to provide maximum performance and features for playing games. This high level of performance also makes it a favorite among graphic artists.

Razer's onboard sensor is a 3500 DPI 3G infrared sensor. This gives the mouse a great response rate for high precision. This can take some getting used to if you normally use a mouse with a lower resolution. This was like me when I switched to the Deathadder from my Logitech G5. Any small movement of your wrist is captured by the mouse and can be translated into unwanted movement in whatever you are doing. This precision is why graphic artists have begun using it for highly detailed work.

This mouse is a five button mouse with the standard left, right, middle wheel, and forward/backward buttons. Each button provides enough tactile feedback so you can be sure you pressed it without offering too much resistance. The action on the buttons is smooth and fluid, making it a pleasure to use. The middle mouse button seems to be a favorite of 3D animators for use in programs such as Maya.

The feet of the mouse allow for a smooth glide over most surfaces. I have been using it on an old compressed board desk with bald spots on the finish. Even this rough surface provided little barrier to this mouse (I have since bought a mouse pad however). The low movement resistance makes this mouse easy to use for long periods of time with little wrist exhaustion.

The weight and heft of the mouse feels perfect for a right-handed user (Razer has since come out with a left-handed version). The mouse feels perfectly balanced for optimum fragging. My old G5 mouse had slots to add extra weights to achieve this same feeling that the Deathadder comes with right out of the box.

I have been very happy since I made the switch to this mouse. I do not know if my actual gaming performance has risen, but it feels much better than other mice I have used in the past. With the addition of a Razer keyboard, my entire set up is now color coordinated (Black with blue LEDs everywhere). It's Geektime highly recommends the Razer Deathadder with an impressive 10 on the d10 of gaming peripherals.


Source by Allan Libby