As far as stealth games go, this one is bad. What am I talking about? As far as any game goes, this one is bad. Do yourself a favor, don't waste your time or money, pass on this one. This game has absolutely no personality, just like its characters. The gameplay is tedious at best, you can have more fun just staring at a box of cereal.

First of all, this game's plot is utterly and hopelessly lacking in the interesting department as well as in the actual development of it. You play the game as Anya Romanov who is a thief; supposedly the best thief. Yet for some reason she takes her directions from an ex-security officer whose name is Louie. Louie directs the missions throughout the game; he tells you everything you have to do so that you have nothing to figure out on your own. Basically you just need to pick locks, break into safes, or hack into computers. These take place in a measly four levels. Although there are minigames to play that all seem to look the same.

The graphics stink, they are so bland they make a white room look colorful. Not only are the graphics given the short end of the stick, but they are also reused everywhere, throughout the entire game. Shadows appear on the ground without any source for it (no light, no object, no shadow?). Sometimes the shadows even point in the wrong direction. The voice acting is terrible along with most of the sound in this game. Along with everything else in this game. All I have to conclude is, I wish I could get my time back.

Source by Miranda Stites