What do you do when your children are hooked on video games but you don't want them committing grand theft auto or pretending to shoot their teachers?  You find a Super Nintendo console and introduce them to games that are exciting and fun without being brutal and violent.

In the 80s and 90s Nintendo was the king of video games and the Super Nintendo console could be found in virtually all homes where children lived. This is where parents today got their start with video games, and you can guarantee parents at that time were not hearing the violence and foul language that is offered with some of the games on the market for popular game systems today.

If you are in search of clean family fun or don't want your children exposed to the games that you see offered for the Wii and Xbox 360, purchasing a Super Nintendo console is a great compromise. The kids will still have access to games but you won't have to worry about what they are playing or constantly monitor what games they are purchasing, what they are rated, and what kind of violence and imagery will be presented. You can relax when your kids are playing games on a Super Nintendo console!

Think of the most popular game ever played on the Super Nintendo: Super Mario Bros. You have the classical Mario and Luigi running through well designed, innovative worlds dodging fireballs and trying to catch bouncing stars. Every world presents a new adventure, new obstacles, and images that will make your children giggle and play their hardest to save their lives. You won't find anything questionable or violent in these games, unless you count Mario falling off the screen when he is killed. The great thing is he always comes back to life!

It may be harder to find a Super Nintendo console than it is to find other game consoles that are selling new through store, but if you shop online you will find it easier than you can imagine right now. It is even rather easy to find the games that you want to play with your Super Nintendo console. It just takes a bit of searching online. If you are unfamiliar with the different games that were popular for the Super Nintendo console, do some research and educate yourself prior to making purchases. You will easily find games that your children will enjoy and can then search out a good deal on the game online.

The best way to purchase the Super Nintendo console today is in a bundle with controllers, all cords needed for connections, and possibly some games to get you started. Watch out for people selling the console only as it won't give you the connection cords needed to make it work. If you shop auction sites online you can find Super Nintendo console bundles that include a wide selection of games. This is the most cost effective way to go since some games can sell for incredibly high prices when purchased alone.

If you are worried about what your children are exposed to during their game time, the Super Nintendo console is the best way to go. You can bring home clean, wholesome fun while allowing them to play games just like all their friends do.

Source by Jacob Akshire