The system of touch screen monitor was invited in 1971 by Dr. Samuel. It set off an upsurge since it was available in the market. Some devices are designed with touch screen which is very convenient, such as automatic teller machines, ticket machines and phones.

The phones with this system are most popular among all the devices. People tend to acquire more information within less time. Smart phones with this system meet their needs. It is larger than the ordinary screen, which make it ideal to play game or watch a film. This system on the phone is also suitable to the old people who can not type the words with keyboard, but they can send a short message with the stylus. Owning a touch screen phone can make you fashion and confident.

In order to reach the goal of simple operation, the mouse and keyboards are replaced by the device in some contexts. When the machine is under working condition, we touch the touch screen with our fingers or other objects, and then it will input the information according to the icon we touched or the menu position. A touch screen is consisted of detection device and controller. The detection device is fixed in front of the display screen, which is applied to check the position that the user touched and deliver it to the controller after reception. The controller is used to receive the touch information and transmit to the CPU; meanwhile, the controller can receive and compliment the instruction from CPU.

It can be divided into four different kinds according to its operation principle and the media for delivering information. The types of touch screens are resistive, capacitive, infrared and acoustic wave.

Resistive systems are the most versatile; however, the multiple layers prevent the monitor conveying the light, and the screens are easily scratched, while the capacitive systems accept transmitting more light by the monitor. The capacitive systems can withstand the humid, dirt environment, so it is suitable for the outdoor utilization. Surface acoustic is more accurate than the other systems, so it is ideal for the application in laboratory. Infrared touch screens are most durable and need more time to response.

All in all, each kind system has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key to understand the occasions that different devices are used is to know the characteristics and principles. The related integrated circuit for touch screen monitor is TA78M24S

Source by Li Xiao Na