The MSI Gx660-260us is a good-looking machine. Externally and internally MSI has everything covered. This isn't the absolute top of the line system but is set up to look good for durable use. To start it is encased in a high gloss coated plastic finish. There is also an off-centered two-button touch pad demonstrating MSI's attention to the details customers anticipate.

The MSI Gx660-260us comes with what 15.6″ Wide SXGA+ widescreen – 1366×768. This is feature is mid range quality. When looking for high impact graphs having both the numbers in the pixel rate be four digits is acceptable. For example a number like 1920×1080 is on the higher end of the scale. Next to the motherboard is an Intel Core i5 460M processor. This duel core processor is one of the best that can be found. Anything better is a quad processor supplying a quad-processing price. Its capabilities and turbo boost is lesser than the 540M

A great feature on the MSI Gx660-260us is its LED Status Indicator panel. It is located above the keyboard and below the display. The best button on the panel is a turbo button. This provides additional power support when the processor's clock time reach over its maximum ability. Next to the turbo button there is a fan speed controller. Next to that is a windows key lock to help in uninterrupted gaming. There is a power management button providing five different power management settings: gaming, movie viewing, presentation, text processing and turbo battery. This is another great attribute on the panel. Knowing how power is distributed through the gaming system, helping increase the users vantage point and involvement in the computers upkeep. All of these additional buttons supplies the user with more control of their high-powered computer.

What sold me on this computer were its external features. This is a more affordable unit with lesser quality internal systems. To make up for the lack of interior flash MSI has handed over more control to the gamer. This is a great trade off. The performance factor of the gamer can sometimes be the key component with trying to work out the subtle nuances of game play. With MSI giving more control to the gamer, I can be the factor that makes a good player, great. Hopefully the higher end computers will eventually incorporate some of the MSI GX660-260us' features into their systems. If budget is the main concern for you new gaming laptop this computer then the MSI GX660-260us will fill the void.


Source by Nicolas N Ortega