The emergence of the wireless gaming mouse has got gamers to thinking about which type of mouse is more suitable for gaming, wired or wireless? The advantages that the new wireless gaming mouse technology as evidenced in the Razer Mamba are many.

The Mamba is the ultimate solution for comfortable, versatile and fast gaming. It has all the fast action capabilities that the top gamers look for, plus more features that guarantee to make your gaming experience a satisfying one.

  1. With its 1000 hz update rate the Mamba wireless gaming mouse can take in hundreds of image frames per second. This works towards a considerable refinement of performance.
  2. Built into the Mamba is the capability for the user to adjust the dots-per-inch (DPI) resolution of the screen from 400 DPI up to 5,600 DPI for the finest image processing and precision ever. This gives the gamer excellent pin-pointing capabilities.
  3. The Mamba wireless mouse uses 2.4 Ghz of speed. It can detect and ignore noise in the graphics and effectively removes image interference. The rate of response is very quick and it is equal to the wired gaming mice in performance.
  4. Its fast acceleration allows the gamer to move the mouse at a fast speed without losing coordination with the mouse cursor which never lags or gets misplaced on the screen. This prevents disorientation of the mouse during critical and fast moments in the game.
  5. With the Mamba, the gamer has access to wireless and wired mouse technology. The user may choose to connect the mouse with the wire in order to recharge it.

The 1.02 version of the Mamba wireless gaming mouse manifested some power storage problems. Its battery effectiveness for normal usage stopped after about 3 hours, 4 hours short of the 7 claimed by Razer. However, the 1.03 version of the Mamba wireless gaming mouse appears to have resolved the power issue. The Mamba will need its own driver installed with it.

This wireless gaming mouse is the fastest performing mouse on the market today. It is free of many of the shortcomings that plague both wired and wireless gaming mice. Besides resolving issues, it has added some more features like the ability to adjust the DPI up to 5,600 which is a milestone high value for dots-per-inch.

The Mamba wireless gaming mouse will actually simulate an increase of your Avatar's stats and weapon power because of its high acceleration and the extreme sensitivity of the main mouse buttons. Your mouse will never miss a single click.

One versatile feature that the Mamba does not have and Microsoft's Sidewinder wireless mouse has is the ability to respond on any surface. This is one aspect that the technology that went into the Mamba falls short of Microsoft's technology.

But on the whole, the Mamba will still be one of the best choices you can make for your razor mouse.


Source by Bill D King