Nintendo DS is one of the futuristic gadgets nowadays. It has been a favorite of all ages. Kids, youngsters or even adults all enjoy playing this because there are some games which are beneficial also for people to stay relax even at work environment. It's easy to use and not confusing. I'm quite sure you already heard of Nintendo DS. In case, you are not that familiar about its qualities, let me tell you some:

• Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection
This is a free online game that can only be played via internet. If the players have compatible Nintendo DS, it can easily connect to Wi-Fi using router or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector.

• Nintendo DS PictoChat
With the use of wireless range, players allow connecting with others. You can type message on screen keyboard or draw a picture through touch screen. Like some social networking, it allows you to chat. But it's limited to sixteen people only.

Remember that Nintendo DS and DS Lite can write only black messages while DSi and DSI XL can use colored pen, but black fits as well.

• Nintendo DS Compatibility
Nintendo DS game cards fit on top of its system and Game Boy Advance fits on its bottom. However, Nintendo DS is not well-matched with games for Game Boy Color and Game Boy because of some dissimilarity.

• Nintendo DS Regional Division
You can find and buy Nintendo DS anywhere in your place. But bear in mind that if you find Chinese version, it can only be used by Chinese iQue DS. There are some games also that require players to have a game card (Nintendo DS) for two or more players if you are using game boy games. Consider that if the games are from different regions, the device will not function well.

• Nintendo DS Download Play
Through the use of one game card, players can access different games using other systems of Nintendo.

Nintendo is not something new. It exists for so many years for the reason that they offer the best quality products for its clients. More good news is that they are continuously developing new products that will cater to the needs of their market.


Source by Edwin Joseph Sotomango Villagomez