The quest tracking feature Blizzard put in the game has really opened up power leveling for some of the best WoW Quest Helper programs.

Okay, so I know the in game quest tracking feature from Blizzard is not very good.

That is okay because we can turn it off and still get tremendous benefit from it running behind the scenes.

Blizzard opened up player quest tracking databases to allow the top WoW Quest Helper 3.3.3 programs to ad dynamic tracking and smart advancement to quest leveling guides.

You can now automatically start using a good in game questing program extremely easy no matter what level toon you are playing. These programs are able to read through your quest logs and recommend a proper starting spot in the guide for your specific toon.

These guides also have been designed to recognize if you are leveling faster such as the case with the “refer a friend program and wearing BoA items that award extra experience.

WoW Quest Helper programs in 3.3.3 are much more advanced than the older in game leveling guides and Blizzard seems content to continuing opening access to allow these questing guides better ways to serve players in the game.

There are even in game dungeon leveling guides hitting the market that allow players to power level faster than ever using the random dungeon system and making sure have all the dungeons quests.

Those dungeon quests are the highest experience rewards in the game and generally offer some of the best gear for level as well.


Source by Steve Phipps