What kind of gadget doesn't experience defects and other kinds of problems? If you the type of person who loves to collect anything that is high-tech, you may have already tried fixing the problems yourself. If you are a gamer, the popular tool that was introduced by Microsoft is the Xbox. But its introduction, the gaming console has also been known for the Xbox 360 3 red lights.

If you will not mind the sudden occurrence of Xbox 360 3 red lights, you might be surprised one day when you can no longer use your unit. You must be very mindful about every problem that you encounter with it. This is very true especially if you have noticed the Xbox 360 3 red lights while your video game console is still under warranty.

If this is the case, you must bring it back fast to Microsoft to have the unit checked. This can be a frustrating process because people have been complaining of the slow turnaround rate as to when you are going to get your unit back. But you must understand the company's policies regarding this. They are following certain rules that you must also obey to avail such service. This is a better idea than to resort to expensive network adapter for Xbox live.

But what if you are no longer under warranty when you experienced the Xbox 360 3 red lights? The situation has also been tagged as Red Ring of Death. With such name, you will already have an idea of how serious the problem can be. You must deal with the problem before it can render more damages that will be hard to fix in the long run.

Aside from the Xbox 360 3 red lights, this unit is also known for other negative issues such as the discs becoming scratched when placed in the drive and there are people claiming that the consoles experience bricking when updates on the dashboard are being done.

If you are faced with the dilemma of Xbox 360 3 red lights, here are some recommendations that you can follow.

1. You must first understand the core of the problem. This arises when the motherboard of your Xbox overheat. And there are many causes for such situation; the ultimate of course is when you overused your console. But as a gamer, that must not be a problem and Microsoft is at fault why this ha happened. The overheating may lead for the games to stop and the video will freeze. The next thing you know, you are faced with Xbox 360 3 red lights.

2. There are useful videos online that you can use to help you get out of this dilemma. There are tutorial of the step-by-step guide on how you will be able to solve the problem. But you must only follow such videos if you understand electronics and the complexities of the inside part of your gaming console.

3. To be 100% sure that your problem is going to be solved, you must rely on the services of a professional who is an expert on networking. They can render you superb job and can give you quick tips as to what you should do with regards the other issues you may encounter in the future.

Source by John Oleander