The Xbox 360 was recently facing a problem called as the “Three Red Lights Error”. The three red light error is also called as the “Red Ring of Death” or as RRoD. The name RRoD came because of the occurrence of the death of the console when the error occurs. Because of certain malfunction, the entire console may get collapsed and it leads to the death of the console.


The RRoD or the three red light error is the occurrence of three red lights glowing in the power ring along with an error message on the screen. In majority of the cases, the error message is E 74. The users were unable to solve the problem because they were not able to find the exact reason for the problem. When other red light error occurs, the users were able to solve the problem as they are very simple when compared with the three red light errors. Also other errors are user friendly as they direct the user where the exact problem has occurred. These things only made the situation very complicated for the Microsoft and made them involve into the matter directly.


Microsoft explained the exact cause for the problem. The problem is found to be with the heat sinks. The heat sinks fail to cool the surrounding air near the processors and hence the motherboard fails to operate and also they were not able to work for long hours. Since the components are very closely packed the external air was not able to flow inside the console and cool it and also the designers did not expect such high rise in temperature inside the console.


Microsoft suggested that if the consoles cooling system is improved then it would solve the three red light error. Hence many suggested different method like an additional cooler fan or removal of X clamps of the heat sinks or even modifying the design of the console itself. But the removal of the X clamps is found to be best way. Thus by removing the X clamps air can flow from the external environment through the bottom of the console and can cool the processors from downwards.

You can repair your console either by giving your console to the service center or by repairing it on your own. The problem with giving the console to Microsoft service center is that you need to pay over $125 if you don't have a valid warranty and you need to wait for 4 to 12 weeks depending upon the number of incoming consoles. Moreover, this is not a permanent fix and you cannot repair modded consoles at any cost in service centers.

Hence the best way is to repair the console on your own. This is very easy and you don't need any experience to do the repair work. Repair work can be done with the help of basic household tools like screwdrivers. To make the repair process much more easier, there are some video tutorials available in the internet which will guide you through the entire repair process. These videos are really helpful and you can repair your console in just an hour.


Source by David D Johnson