Nowadays where there is a lot of networking going on, and almost all the big businesses are connected through networking. It is also becoming very important that you must choose the right Ethernet networking cable for your network because if on a big networks where there is a lot of computers and devices connected to the networks then there is a huge role of Ethernet cables and they got to be extremely quick and supportive hence eliminating any disturbance which can occur during the work. To solve this issue, with the expanding of networks the networking cables is also becoming more advanced and reliable to support the systems. One of the latest and most advanced Ethernet wires are Category6 or Cat6 cables which are considered to be the excellent choice for the most recent networking needs. This article will be focused on cat6 cables and their specs and uses which are described below.

CAt6 wires:

Cat6 cables are considered to be the best choice for the networking installation because its primary feature is that it supports Gigabyte Ethernet which is quite superior as compared to the old cat5 wire or cat5e wires. Cat6 cables support a great speed of 10GBps over 33 to 35 meters and recommended frequency up to 250 MHz and 22 to 24 to AWG wire gauge in the conductor. This wire was a real success for the networking needs but there were still some issues which was rising such as in larger networks where long length cables were needed it was not providing the desired results like the speed of the cable was reducing with the longer distances therefore there was a need for some better performance cable, so another version of cat6 cables was announced namely Cat6A cable which was definitely superior as compared to cat6 cord. Some of the updated specs of cat6a cables are discussed below.

Cat6A cables:

CAT6A cable is one of the latest Ethernet networking cables after the CAT6cables, and it is one of the most reliable and fastest Ethernet networking cables today. Cat6A wires are quite widely used in most of the networking these days because it supports 10Gbps Ethernet up to 100 meters which are very advanced as compared to Cat6 cable's 33 to 35 meters and also it has supported frequency of 500MHz ideal for your installations. Another most important factor of cat6a wire is that they are shielded twisted pair cables which are relatively high-class as compared to Unshielded Twisted pair cables.

Source by John Mike Bradshaw