There are so many eBook readers available now that choosing the right model can be confusing for anybody. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just buy any model and be done with it? However, we all have different wants and needs so it's difficult, if not impossible for just one digital reader to address everybody's needs. That is why, when you are looking to buy a digital reader you should take your time with your selection.

To help you here are some of the things that you need to think about before buying:

Screen Size – the normal screen size for most models is 6 inches. Many of us find this size fine but some of us and especially the elderly who can't see as well as they used to need larger print when reading normal books therefore they need or feel more comfortable with a larger screen. There are some available up to 11 inches in size. Obviously a larger screen size will mean that the digital reader is more expensive so if you are working to a budget you may have to compromise.

Battery Life – just like any other rechargeable gadget you will want a model that with regular use will last for days rather than hours. As e-book readers are designed for you to be able to have easy access to books while on the go it's pointless buying one that gets easily drained and especially when you are out and about and not able to charge one up.Battery life should be measured in days so it's a good idea to go for one that gives you the most juice with a single charge if you know that you are going to need that juice.

Capacity – most of us just read one book at a time but that was before this useful gadget was invented. Nowadays you can have hundreds of books available to read never mind just one or two hard copies. How many books you can have entirely depends upon the capacity of the digital reader of your choice. It's really a matter of the higher the capacity the more books that you can store. But be warned, as with screen size, a higher capacity e-book reader will be more expensive than one with a lower capacity.

Other Functions – a digital reader is mainly intended to be for reading books, but it is very handy to get one that lets you do various other tasks as well. For example you can get models that connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi so you can still browse or do some work while on the go. Answering emails might be a simple task but being able to do so while out and about is very convenient for a lot of people.

Source by Patricia A. Jones