There are a few types of technology that are pretty important for providing you with the level of connectivity and entertainment that you expect and deserve in your own home. These types of technology include cable TV, high speed Internet, and of course home phone service. The good news for you is that it's possible to get all three from Comcast in one low monthly bill.

The cable TV service has been known for over the years, and now that facet of this business has taken a quantum leap forward with the shift to digital TV. Digital TV uses computer technology to make TV programming clearer than it ever was before and to provide you with interactive features like on screen program guides and parental controls. These two features are available on all of Cable TV programming packages and will provide you with the ability to determine what's on and when it's on.

In the case of the parental controls, you'll even be able to keep your kids from accessing inappropriate material. For example, even the most basic package has all of your local channels, access to a special pay per view service, and forty five channels of digital music. But when you get into the larger programming packages, you're looking at access to over two hundred and seventy five channels including all of the best cable TV channels, premium movie packages, special video on demand features, and even HDTV channels! With all of those choices, an on screen program guide is indispensable when it comes to determining what to watch when. After all, that's far too many channels to surf through effectively.

High speed broadband Internet service will also give you plenty of options when it comes to how you get your entertainment and interact with the outside world. The Internet provides a whole range of choices for entertainment that are practically invisible to you at the slower speeds of dial up. With download speeds of up to 8 megabytes per second, you'll be able to enjoy online video, digital music downloads, and digital photographs all with an ease that's impossible with slower internet connections. You can even download software and, if you're really ambitious, download full length movies in the data intensive HDTV format.

When you aren't undertaking massive downloads, this type of Internet connection provides more than enough speed and bandwidth to allow your entire family to surf at one time. With a wireless router, your entire home will become a WiFi hot spot that allows your whole family to surf the Internet on their computers and other devices with wireless connections.

Of course greater access to the Internet also provides a greater risk that hackers will have access to your computers. You'll get free access to McAfee anti virus software for as long as you subscribe to the Internet service. You'll also get free virus definitions and other updates for that software in order to protect your systems from new threats.

When you add the digital voice service, with it's money saving features like free domestic long distance, you can see that you got a complete home telecommunications package for one low monthly payment!

Source by Julia Hall