Almost everything we do today has to be done quickly. We eat instant noodles, drink instant coffee, choose the fastest route during travel, measure the value of internet connection according to speed, and do just about anything in the fastest way possible. Even dating has become fast-paced, thanks to the system called speed dating. Now, there is another “fast” phenomenon that is enabling men everywhere to attract and seduce the type of Women they previously never thought possible and you've probably never even heard of it. It is called “fast flirting.” Extremely effective when mastered, this technique will enable you to create instant attraction with any Woman you desire.

What exactly is fast flirting and how does one go about it? Simply put, this involves meeting a woman and then trying to seduce her in the shortest possible time. It may seem a bit shallow to some, or even offensive to others, but people who do not have the luxury to take things slow can definitely appreciate this modern approach to flirting and dating. As a general rule, something should have happened (if you know what I mean) within the first twelve hours in order to consider your flirting methods fast and effective.

Approach Immediately To Boost Your Perceived Social Status

Not a second should be wasted where fast flirting is concerned. You have to make your move as soon as you see a woman whom you find attractive. This is key in order to promote an air of confidence and ‘Alpha Male style' behaviour. Only needy and Beta men take time building up the courage to approach. Women will notice if you hesitate before approaching and this will demean your social value in her eyes from the get go.

Availability Check and Gauging Interest

Of course, the necessary first step is to find out if the woman is available. A quick glance and a smile work well for this purpose as well as a quick scan for a Boyfriend. If the woman smiles back in a suggestive way as you approach, then she is most likely available. This is your ‘go' signal to approach her. Remember that first impressions count for much, so be sure to approach her confidently.

Body Language Is Key

When it comes to building attraction with Women, it really is true what they say: ‘Non-verbal communication screams louder than any words ever will.' There are many subtleties of body language that you will need to master in order to increase your success with Women. Once you do though, you will reap the benefit of a greatly increased rapport and a much higher immediate level of attraction from any Woman you choose to approach. You need to both approach and stand in a way that takes up space but leaves your body slightly angled away from her so it doesn't look like your desperate to win her attentions. Rather you are projecting that you are a cool guy, interested in knowing more about her to see if ‘she might suit you.' Or at least, that is the subconscious attitude that you are trying to convey. Throwing in a cheeky smile once or twice during your conversation is an effective way to let the woman know you're interested in more than just a conversation. When we say cheeky, we mean confident, relaxed, and just a little mischievous. You'll know that you exhibited the cheeky smile perfectly when the conversation suddenly shifts from simply being friendly to being slightly sexual. You should also get to a point where you are able to ‘test' her attraction level by learning to read little signals that she will give off under certain circumstances. For example if you agg her with some gentle teasing or a playfully sarcastic comment and she responds by either laughing or touching you back in some way (like a playful push) she is ready for the next stage.

Taking Things Up A Notch – Why Women Are Attracted To Personality

Now is the perfect time to take the flirting up a notch. Throw away the notion that engaging in heavy flirting after just five minutes of conversation is too much. If you do the previous steps correctly, the Woman will have already had her ‘attraction buttons' pressed. Where men are primarily visual, women are attracted to outgoing, confident men. This is, after all, the very essence and purpose of fast flirting. You need to project these qualities at the earliest opportunity and once rapport is created must try to initiate physical contact at this point, but be careful not to overdo it. Brushing her hair with the tips of your fingers would be a good (but bold) move; putting your hand on her thigh is likely to get you slapped. You have to assess the situation very carefully. The safest way to initiate physical contact is to use an ‘open' until it is obvious that she is into you. Basically this means doing something that initiates physical contact between you both but in a non-threatening manner. Pretending you are a great palm reader is a great trick for this, and also gives you the opportunity to make up some long winded funny story about how you predict something about her future (or past.)

If You Want To Create Incredible Attraction: Follow This Golden Rule

Above all. No matter how attractive a woman is to you, don't beg for her attention. In fact, in order to be successful YOU MUST not show too much interest. Every hot girl has an abundance of men chatting her up every single day so you need to differentiate yourself from them. You do this by being slightly cocky, confident and mischievous. Never come across as needy, and always challenge her with slightly sarcastic comments or tease her with clever observational humour. fast flirting is about establishing a connection and rapport quickly, whilst retaining an air of mystery about you, which keeps her interested to know more. Fast flirting is NEVER about making desperate moves. Most importantly, do not assume the personality of someone whom you think the woman will appreciate more. You are not out to please her (like all the other men) you are out to intrigue her. It's good to adopt a confident, outgoing persona but take things too far and sooner or later your real personality will come out and the role-playing may backfire on you.

Source by Javier Goodridge