If you have just bought yourself a new laptop computer then you will probably just be getting used to being able to use it anywhere in the house. That's the beauty of portable equipment – it can be used in any room, even the garden, meaning that you are not tied to a certain part of your home.

You will soon get used to the freedom that a laptop computer offers and before long will be looking to gain access to the internet from whichever part of the house you happen to be in. This is where wireless technology comes in, but for this you will need to invest in a wireless router. This piece of kit works by transmitting the broadband signal that is being supplied by way of your phone line, through the air instead. Your laptop computer will be able to pick up the signal that is being transmitted by the router and you will easily be able to gain access to the internet.

Of course, you don't want the broadband signal that you've paid for being transmitted for just anyone to connect to. That is why people use encrypted networks, applying a password to the router so only people with the correct log in details can connect to the network – this keeps all of your files and details safe and ensures that only the people you choose can get access. Of course, because the signal is wireless, it can be picked up by more than one person at once which means your whole family can have access to the internet at the same time. Whether you need to go online for homework help, to check the news, to watch a video or to email work, a wireless router makes it all possible.

There are a wide range of wireless routers available on the market and the price will depend on the features you are looking for. The best thing to do is to have a good look at the range of goods out there before making a firm decision, and there is no better place to do this than the website of a reputable and reliable online retailer. Choose to go through a recognised industry specialist and you will not be sorry.

Source by Ronald Jackson