Wireless N900 router is the enhancement of the latest wireless N standard. Originally the wireless 802.11n standard delivers the high speed up to 150Mbps. Technology makes this standard speed three times faster with three spatial data streams technology to give you maximum speed up to 450Mbps in either 2.4GHz or 5GHz band theoretically. Can you reach this speed in the real world? Off course not, because it is the physical speed theoretically and network conditions and environmental factors can attenuate the signal strength. The newest wireless technology offers you the wireless routers with simultaneous dual band delivers total bandwidth up to 900Mbps both bands. Wireless N900 technology becomes the fastest wireless technology today which is adopted by mostly wireless manufacturers into their ultimate speed wireless routers including Belkin N900 DB.

What's new with Belkin N900 DB?

The Belkin N750 DB has been around for a while and various users give their opinion with this product based on their experiences working with this router. Many found this router is valuable with its dual USB ports to let you access both attached disk storage and printer, while with the competing product many other people are not happy with Asus which the share printer is not accessible by Mac. Belkin N900 DB remains with two USB 2.0 ports to let you host both external disk drive and printer together.

Like the previous versions, this router is also designed with a stand for vertical placement looks nice on your table and it doesn't take up a lot of space. Moreover, the antenna is designed internally, less space and looks elegance. Both Belkin N750 and N900 use the same multibeam antenna technology with high powered signal to support your home theater environment.

Belkin N900 DB comes with high performance 600MHz processor for high performance heavy duty processing. If 600MHz processor is highlighted as the outstanding feature for this router, the competing Netgear routers come with 680 MHz powerful MIPS 32-bit processor such as WNDR3700 N600 router. Even the newest Netgear router is coming with 1GHz processor.

High performance routers always come with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, so does Belkin. Gigabit ports are ideal for demanding applications for high speed and reliable wired connection such as high-intensive access server, high speed large data transfer and fast responsive multi-player gaming. Router with Gigabit ports is always good value for demanding high speed applications. Belkin and other competing routers come with gigabit ports, so it is a standard feature.

So what is new with this router compared with the previous N750 router? The only apparent improvement is the wireless technology – the N900 wireless technology with Intelistream prioritization engine. Can it compete with other wireless N900 routers? Can it compete with new generation of Netgear N900 with internal storage? We will see how the users respond to this upcoming product.

Source by Ki Grinsing